Decimo, Spanish for 10th, refers to the 13th century king of Spain Alfonso X, who was advised to consume small bites of food with wine, as a curative. After said prescription succeeded, Alfonso X decreed across the land that all taverns must serve food, albeit a bite, with each glass of wine. This is among the oral histories behind tapas. It harkens the natural marriage of food and wine, not only for pleasure and balance, but for salutary purposes. The name is a nod to Tempranillo, the most noble of Spanish varietals.

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Amanita muscarius, (Gibson, 289)

Gibson, W. Hamilton. Our Edible Toadstools and Mushrooms. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1895. Print.

Artwork from nature :

the negative of the visible portion of the subsurface organic network. 

Though mushrooms are common, they are the fruiting body, which is only a glimpse of the entire organism that lies underground. As the reproductive vector like the grapes of a vine, the fruiting body opens and drops its spores in a pattern. This expression of the organism is a glimpse of a plexus, which has more depth than is readily apparent.